Zach Northrop

Ryder Buck lived a short but charmed life on the west coast, where he practiced yoga, fell in and out of love, and formed an indie band, Ryder Buck & the Breakers, that made waves all across the LA area.

Ryder Buck & The Breakers circa 2013. From left: Cameron Wehrle, Eddie Haddad, Nikki Segal, Ryder Buck. Not pictured: Sean Moriarty, Trent Carroll, Andrew-Avitia Bush

After a 9-month battle with cancer, Ryder emerged disease-free and fearlessly followed his dreams of changing people’s lives through his music.


“That moment. That invitation by someone brave, to be brave with them. To sing. To smile. To live in earnest. That seemed, to me, to be Ryder Buck.”


When tragedy met him on a dark highway, the light he had so fiercely protected throughout his life became limitless.

“I’ll never forget how stubborn he was or how much joy he got out of life.”


His words and songs continue to carry that light forward, inspiring you to leave your light on, too.


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